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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the adjusting of the wheel's angles relative to the road surface and the other wheels on your car.

  • In order to ensure safe driving and reduce tyre wear it is important that your tyres are properly aligned.
  • Tyres need regular upholding in order for them to last longer.
  • To get more out of your tyres you will have to check your car’s wheel alignment regularly – and not just when you feel a shudder or a shake.
  • When a wheel is not aligned, other wheels have to work harder to drag the misaligned wheel. This can cause a number of problems.

We offer sophisticated wheel alignment at all our Lombard Tyres Branches.

Visit any one of our Lombard tyres branches today and a qualified wheel alignment technician will make sure that all your wheels are correctly aligned.

wheel-alignment-01  wheel-alignment-02


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