A smooth, comfortable ride is, of course, crucial, but nothing is more important on the road than your safety and the safety of your passengers. Goodride provides an impressive selection of tyres for every occasion. Goodride tyres meet a set of safety standards and guarantee the performance and excellence so much desired in a quality tyre.

  • Super mileage compound for a longer tyre life (up to 25%) compared to other tyres

  • Increased tread width ensures a comfortable ride and unparalleled traction on dry/wet roads

  • Wider tread width provides comfortable riding and excellent traction on both dry and wet roads 

  • Variable pitch tread blocks for high stability and reduced noise 


Goodride RP19 tyres are designed for light-duty vehicles. They are all about ride comfort, but they are very safe as well. 3 grooves contribute to rather quick and effective water drainage. Besides, the unique rim protector design protects the rim and increases tire body strength.

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