Goodride provides a wide range of tyres for every occasion. If you’re looking for a quiet and comfortable ride, Goodride RP28 is right what you need! CAD tread, SILICA TECH technology, and improved shoulder sipes are among the major benefits of these great tyres.



  • CAD tread offers low noise and outstanding water drainage

  • SILICA TECH compounding technology ensuring low rolling resistance and enhancing fuel economy

  • Improved shoulder sipes make for better handling while cornering

  • A comfortable ride premium touring tyre

  • Computer aided designed tread offering low noise and excellent water drainage

  • Improved shoulder sipes providing better handling during cornering


When the time comes to replace your factory tyres, there is an abundance of choice. Most passenger vehicles come with all-season tyres because they perform well in a variety of conditions. Each type of tyre has its own pros and cons, so it’s very important to choose a set of tyres that would best suit your driving conditions and, of course, your budget.



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