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What you'll find in the SL369 is affordability and all-terrain capabilities that don't shy away from challenges that the bigger brands take on. The SL369 uses a tough tread compound that resists cutting and chipping when engaging rough terrain, while the multi-stepped grooves maximize off-road traction, and the zig-zag grooves provide solid wet traction. Because it's an A/T tyre, its cornering abilities are compromised, but its ability to resist hydroplaning is excellent based on our indpendent tests. It's a fantastic choice for country driving where more time is spent in light off road conditions than on pavement or snow.


-Wide tread and multi-stepped grooves increase surface area of tread to enhance traction on both on and off roads
Zig-zag grooves offers efficient water drainage and enhanced traction on wet road
Large tread blocks help enhanced stability and handling with less noise on highway
Aggressive sidewall protectors increase off-road bite and prevent damage from sidewall cut and abrasions

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