Kumho Associate Dealer Program




Allow us to introduce to you the most dynamic opportunity in the tyre fitment industry available today. The KUMHO ASSOCIATE DEALER (or K A D) PROGRAMME is the opportunity to align your business with one of the fastest growing brands in the industry, KUMHO TYRES.


Just what is the KUMHO ASSOCIATE DEALERS? Is it another franchise that sucks your little bit of profit from your ever decreasing margins? No! There is no complicated agreement with a whole lot of “can-and-cannot-do” clauses, no franchise fees and no unrealistic expectations on you and your business.


Here is what we want to offer you:


1.New signage for your premises that will incorporate the KUMHO TYRES brand image with your existing business logo;

2.This will be designed, and erected by our signage company at NO COST to you;

3.The only agreement we expect you to sign is to protect our ownership of the signage;

4.There is no prescribed period that you have to belong to the K A D programme. You can give notice at any stage of your intention to give up your membership. We remove our signage and business carries on as usual; 

5.We don’t charge you any monthly franchise fees;

6.We don’t expect you to purchase a certain amount of tyres (units) from us per month, we only ask for your consistent loyalty to our product;

7.With the KUMHO TYRE product we offer you access to the OE market with the product being OE on Hyundai, Kia, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Ssang-Yong etc.

8.We have established a Marketing Fund based on a percentage of your monthly purchases which will give you access to marketing and promotional material;

9.Access to all major fleets;

10.The best prices and availability of stock.

The benefits of this exciting programme far outweigh any possible risks associated with it. Why don’t you consider joining the KUMHO ASSOCIATE DEALER today!


Please contact:  

Kumho Wholesale Department for further information.

We are waiting for your call! 

(011) 951 5900 or info@lombardtyres.com