Pre-holiday car check 


Every year hundreds of accidents happen on our roads during the holiday season. With December just around the corner, now is the time to get your pre-holiday vehicle checks done before the last-minute scramble begins.

What motorists don’t realise is that should maintenance be needed on their vehicle and spare parts are not in stock, these need to be ordered. This could take several days, if they are available at all. It is risky leaving things to the last minute and could put a real dampener on holiday plans.

A thorough check of the vehicle which will include a road test and an assessment of the following parts:

Drive lines
Tyres, including the spare and tools
Fluid levels
Wipers and windscreen
V Belts, and

If a problem is identified, we will be able to advise the vehicle owner and provide a quote for repairs needed. Rather schedule it in now so you remember to do it ahead of the holiday time.  There’s nothing worse than having your holiday plans delayed or cancelled because of car issues. Don’t wait until November or December. Get organised now

The list of safety critical items that are  tested include:

All lights
Seat belts
All tyres
All foot brakes
Hand brake
Steering mechanism
Wheel alignment


Visit your nearest Lombard Tyres Fitment Centre today for a pre-holday safety check!