Super Sale 2020 Terms & Conditions 

1.    Promotion Rules
1.1 The Lombard Tyres Super Sale 2020 promotion will run for 3 days Only from 29 October until close of business on 31 October 2020.  (“Promotion Period”) or while stock of cash cards lasts. No discounts will be offered before the start date of the promotion.
1.2 The promotion is open to all South African citizens or permanent residents who are over 18 years.

2. In the event that any dispute arises with regard to the Promotion and/or the Promotional Rules including the interpretation thereof, the decision of the Organisers is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

3. The Promotion is conducted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa. Should any of these Promotional Rules be deemed void or unenforceable, then that rule will be deemed to be deleted and the remaining rules will remain in force.
4. The Organisers reserve the right to amend these Promotional Rules in their sole discretion should they consider this appropriate, before the Promotion closes, and any such amendment(s) shall be posted on the Lombard Tyres website
5. The customer acknowledges and hereby consents to the Organisers collecting certain personal information about the customer for the purposes of this Promotion, including the customer’s identity/passport number and contact details such as telephone number(s) and email address(es). The Organisers undertake not to sell or share this information to or with third parties but may disclose the information if required by law.
6. The Organisers and/or and the Lombard Tyres Branches may require the customer to be identified and photographed and may publish such photographs in print and/or social media. The customer will be given the opportunity to decline the publication of their images and to participate in such promotional marketing material.
7. The Organisers reserve the right to cancel, suspend or terminate the Promotion at any time. The Organisers shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer and/or third party arising from or as a consequence of such cancellation, suspension or termination.
8. To the fullest extent permitted by law:
8.1 neither the Organisers nor the Lombard Tyres Branches shall be liable for any: claims, damages or losses (whether direct, indirect, general, special, incidental, consequential or punitive), expenses or costs (including, without limitation, costs on an attorney and own client scale) or injuries of whatsoever nature (together referred to as “Losses”), suffered by the Customer or any third party arising from or as a result of this Promotion (whether directly or indirectly) and/or the customer’s participation in this Promotion ; and
8.2 the customer indemnifies and holds harmless the Organisers and the Lombard Tyres Branches against any Losses, howsoever caused or arising.

9. Pensioner or School card discounts cannot be redeemed in conjunction with this promotional campaign.  It is either or can't get both.

10. No wholesale | Dealers | BULK orders OR purchases on account - this is a retail promotion only.
11. Pictures used in advertisements are for illustration purposes only.

12. Get 10% off on selected Goodride tyre purchases.  List on website under Super Sale Promotion section.

13. Get 15% off on selected Kumho tyre purchases.  List on website under Super Sale Promotion section.

14. Get 15% off on your  Dixon Battery Purchase.

15. Get 25% off on your A-line wheel purchase.

16. Get 40% off on your shock, brake or exhaust purchase.  Exclude labour costs.

17. Percentage off is on the tyre price only and exclude balancing, valves and fitment.

18. Percentage off exclude wheel alignment

19.Tyre pricing includes VAT.

20.This Sale is available in-store only

21.Discount off is only applicable on the tyre, battery, shock, brake or exhaust price and not on total purchase price.

22.Discount off only valid in-store and not for online purchases.