Wheel Alignment

wheel alignment service
Wheel Alignment Service
Wheel Alignment Service
Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment


Lombard Tyre fitment centres offer professional wheel alignment service to not only ensure that your vehicle is safer on the roads but to also help prolong the lifespan of your tyres.


It is very important to get your wheel alignment checked every 8 000km or annually. You should also get it checked whenever new tyres are fitted. In the event that you travel regularly, over long distances or under tough road conditions, it is recommended that you check your alignment more frequently.

In order to ensure safe driving and reduce tyre wear it is important that your tyres are properly aligned.
Tyres need regular upholding in order for them to last longer.

To get more out of your tyres you will have to check your car’s wheel alignment regularly – and not just when you feel a shudder or a shake.

When a wheel is not aligned, other wheels have to work harder to drag the misaligned wheel. This can cause a number of problems.
We offer sophisticated 3D wheel alignment at all our Lombard Tyre Fitment Centres.


Visit any one of our Lombard tyres fitment centres today and a qualified wheel alignment technician will make sure that all your wheels are correctly aligned.

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